Street Style: Coachella 2014
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They Are Wearing: Coachella Weekend One
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Don’t leh pls don’t, learn to resist temptations. The strength of a mind is boundless 🙏

Shrugs; were you originally like that or it’s something that you’ve changed into now? Idk why but I feel like soon you’ll be gone like wind. Bad influences much; you look like as though you’re having an identity crisis which really shouldn’t be happening. I’m sincerely afraid for you but my hands are tied.

Happy birthday to the person that permanently change my name to bitch 😭. Regardless Yay cheers to friends that I know for 10 years and counting! #6G05 #mahabodhischool #Moldiv


Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway. - #friendship | Morgan made this with

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Josephus Thimister A/W 2011-12


We’re putting photos inside of all our Easter eggs!

Slice a chocolate egg open with a heated knife. Fill. Then put it back together with melted chocolate.

If only Humpty had known about the melted chocolate!

Have a Photo Filled Easter


Day 4: Tongue Acrobatics